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In the H43 structure we also offer all kinds of specialized training for motorbike riders. Both in the pre-season and during the racing months you can come to our facilities to improve your physical skills and your riding, all in an elite setting and surrounded by world-renowned professionals. We offer complete packs of rides in which we provide all the technical equipment, from small pit bikes, to dirt track bikes with which to improve your technique, to 300, 600 and 1.000 c.c. bikes ready to compete on the track, all with the necessary material such as suit, helmet, gloves…. But we also offer the possibility that those who want to come with their motorbike can ride with their own material at different rates, with the same training plan offered by the ‘Cartagena Circuit School by Pakosta37’ as world championship riders like Pedro Acosta and great young promises like Dani Holgado, Pedro Piqueras or Fermín Aldeguer. Consult our different options that you will find under this text and contact us if you have any doubt.


Unlike in the past, the professionalization that exists today in motorcycling requires a very specific physical preparation. In our facilities in Cartagena we have a gym, where you can have a training and nutrition plan tailored to your needs and train constantly and professionally to keep you in shape and improve your performance on the track.



This is the best option for all professional or amateur riders who want to improve their technique with gas, sliding and grip management. Training this modality is a very fun way to improve our performance in all kinds of motorcycling disciplines. We currently have Honda FTR 223 motorbikes, and will soon be bringing out 150 cc rental bikes.


Whether you are a professional who wants to improve your times and be more confident on the track, or you are a person with a motorbike who wants to learn the techniques for riding on a circuit such as layouts or position on the bike, this is your best option. We have Yamaha motorbikes, specifically different units of R3, R6 and R1 prepared to get the most out of them on the track, but also small pit bikes to get started in this beautiful sport.


H43 Team Nobby Training School

Custom Designed Training Programs

As many riders are at different levels, and depending on the duration and intensity of training required, it’s best to talk to us directly about training options and packages.

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