About us

Who We Are

H43 Team Nobby was founded by two-time Spanish champion Manuel Hernández Nicolás, a professional motorcycling rider from 1983 to 1994, during which time he competed in nine seasons in the World Championship. Manuel Hernández teamed up with Noboru Ueda, twice runner-up in the World Championship with the aim of training and projecting young riders on their way to the MotoGP World Championship.

During all these years of experience, H43 Team Nobby has worked with riders from a wide variety of countries, and is one of the reference teams in the European and Spanish motorcycling championships, competitions in which it has participated in the Moto3, Moto2, European Talent Cup, SBK and Supersport 600 categories, for example, and in which it has achieved great victories in different disciplines.

The passion and tradition of the two founders is also supported by Manuel Hernandez Jr, who is currently leading the team with his racing experience, having also been a World Championship rider and having been involved in the racing world all his life.

But the H43 Team Nobby is not only a motorcycling team. This structure is also dedicated to the formation and training of riders (even for those who do not form part of the team), to the development and restoration of motorbikes, to the purchase and sale of products related to motorbikes and the world of competition… everything is part of a story dedicated to two wheels and to the world of sport.