Carlos Cano takes his first win in Moto4 with H43 Team Nobby

The young rider from Murcia continues to grow by leaps and bounds and manages to climb to the top of the podium in his first year in the category

The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit hosted the fourth ESBK round. H43 Team Nobby came to the Spanish Championship with the clear objective to continue progressing and improving. 

The most outstanding of the team during this round was Carlos Cano. After some intense free practice sessions, in the QP on Saturday, the young rider kept a constant pace and qualified sixth with a time of 2:03.884. In the end, Cano had to start in ninth place due to a penalty imposed by race direction. 

The penalty did not prevent a great performance by Carlos Cano in the first race. After a very good start in which he managed to place himself in the first positions, the H43 Team Nobby rider was fighting throughout the race in the group that was fighting for the podium and, finally, he managed to finish second, demonstrating, once again, the competitive and winning gene that characterizes him.

The second race of the weekend reflected the great form of Carlos Cano. The H43 Team Nobby rider, who started in second position, gave a great performance from the start of the race. The rider from Murcia was fighting for the victory at all times with a constant and aggressive pace. On the last lap his clutch cable broke, which caused him to drop back to eleventh place. Despite this inconvenience, Cano made a spectacular comeback to finish the race in first place and went from eleventh to first place in just one lap. Thanks to this victory, the H43 Team Nobby rider is now third in the overall standings with 110 points. 



Carlos Cano #71“This weekend I felt very good with the bike, we have been improving little by little in all aspects for the race; we have also improved in the lap-times. In the first race, Longarela got away and I was behind with the rear group, but in the last laps I pushed hard and was able to finish second. In Sunday’s race, Longarela started to get away but I was able to catch him and took the lead. In the final stretch my clutch cable broke and I had to make up positions, from eleventh to first in just one lap, that’s how I managed to win the race”

Manuel Hernández (Team Manager)“Carlos Cano is the one who is giving us the most joy. In Aragón he suffered a lot because he didn’t know the track and the weather conditions were not good. When the weather is the same for the whole weekend, Cano is very competitive. He is getting closer and closer to the riders at the front, and he was even able to win the last race. Sincerely, Carlos Cano has a great future as a rider and we are trying to train him to prepare him for the future”.

Bad luck in Supersport

After a tough few days of free practice, Simon Jespersen was the standout rider of the day, taking third place with a time of 1:46.390. The Danish rider had a crash at the end of the session which prevented him from finishing the session, but fortunately Jespersen did not suffer any serious injury and was able to continue the weekend as normal.  Joan Díaz finished eleventh, Juan Rodríguez fourteenth and Davide Fabbri twenty-second. 

In the first race of the weekend, bad luck was the main protagonist for the H43 Team Nobby riders. Joan Diaz had a serious crash on lap five when he was fighting for the podium which caused a red flag, fortunately, the Catalan rider was able to participate in Sunday’s race. On the other hand, Simon Jespersen, who was able to race without any problems thanks to the work of the team who managed to fix the bike, also crashed when he was only three tenths of a second off the front positions.

Due to the red flag, the race was restarted with seven laps to go. Misfortune struck the H43 Team Nobby again, as Juan Rodriguez crashed and was unable to finish the race. Finally, Davide Fabbri did finish in fourteenth position, with a consistent pace throughout the two races. 

In Sunday’s race, the Danish rider, Simon Jespersen, started eleventh and finished seventh after climbing up several positions. Davide Fabbri finished seventeenth. The setbacks continued for H43 Team Nobby. On the one hand, Joan Diaz, who was physically weakened by his crash on Saturday, fell on the fifth lap and could not finish the race. On the other hand, Juan Rodriguez, who had finished third in the warm up, had to retire due to a technical problem. 



Simon Jespersen #43“This weekend has been a bit difficult. From the first day we struggled, we worked very hard to find grip with the rear tyre and it suffered a lot in the corners. In QP we made a step forward, but it wasn’t enough to make it to pole position. I started fourth in the first race, I didn’t start well at all, I lost some positions, but I tried to focus and close the gap to the riders in front again. I was about three tenths of a second behind the riders fighting for the podium and I had a hard crash that hurt my foot quite badly. Even so, we kept going today, we tried to make some changes in the warm up and then on the grid I felt very confident that we could do well. I started eleventh and after the start I lost a lot of positions because two riders closed on me. I had to move up and overtake a lot of riders, and from the middle of the race I suffered a lot with the tyres. I also had pain in my right foot, but I tried to take as many points as possible. I’m a bit disappointed, but we will work hard to be at the front again in Navarra”.

Manuel Hernández (Team Manager)“In the Supersport class the balance we have to make is positive because we are working very hard in these last two races, but also this year we are suffering with the tyres. As you know, in this championship, we are the first or second Michelin team and we are in contention to win the championship, the thing is that the other tyre brands have made a bigger step forward than we expected and we have been behind during the whole weekend. Despite this, we were quite competitive, on Saturday we were very unlucky with three crashes and we were fighting for the podium at the front. Sunday was a reflection of the weekend, Simon Jespersen didn’t have a great weekend, he is a bit nervous about wanting to win, which is normal. Now we have to understand that there are other factors that influence and that he has to know how to control, this is a logical part of the learning phase. Regarding Joan, on Saturday he had a pretty hard crash when he was fighting for the podium positions and today he had another one, now he has to recover. With Juan Rodríguez, in the first race he crashed and in the second one, due to a small technical problem, he couldn’t finish the race. And finally, Davide Fabbri has evolved a lot this weekend, in the last race he felt very comfortable and he was faster than in the previous days”.

The next ESBK race will be held at the Navarra circuit, on the weekend of 28th and 29th August.