Carlos Cano finishes close to the podium in his Moto4 debut


H43 Team Nobby ends first race weekend on a positive note with good results at Jerez


H43 Team Nobby has finished its first race weekend on a positive note. After Saturday’s races, the highlight of the second race day was the young rider from Murcia, Carlos Cano.

After a nice comeback in the first race to the seventh position, in the second race he overtook again, left very good sensations and even led the race. Finally, Carlos came close to the podium as he crossed the finish line in fourth position, fighting for the podium positions at all times.

This race was Cano’s debut in the Moto4 class, as well as his debut at the Jerez – Ángel Nieto circuit, so his performance impressed everyone.

Carlos Cano«I felt very good on the bike and very comfortable. I am happy with the results, but I think that with the help of the team we can improve. For the next races I hope to reach the podium and that we continue with the same line of work».

Manuel Hernández (Team Principal)«What can we say about Carlos… he has been a spectacle. He is showing all his potential despite being new in the category and on big circuits. He was in first position for part of the race and he did very well. Now we have to work to improve the bike a little bit and help him to be able to get on the podium, which is the objective we have with him».

Bittersweet taste in Supersport

After yesterday’s great victory in Supersport, the team was not as fortunate today. Simon Jespersen, after starting from pole position, held the first position during the first part of the race. The Danish rider was constantly fighting for the victory, but when he stepped on a dirty area of the track he crashed while he was in first position.

Juan Rodríguez was also unlucky with his crash. This rider, a rookie in the category, was seventh in the first race held on Saturday after a great comeback and, in the second race, again in the middle of a comeback to fight for the top 10, he crashed.
Joan Díaz (eleventh), Ondrej Vostatek (twelfth) and Davide Fabri (fourteenth) were able to finish, three riders conditioned throughout the weekend by different crashes, but who will be in top form in Navarre to improve their results.

Joan Díaz«I’m a bit disappointed because after the good preseason we had and our level last year I expected more. From the first day I didn’t feel completely comfortable, we tried to improve the feeling as the days went by but it wasn’t easy. The qualifying session didn’t go well, I started at the back in the first race, even so I managed to come back and get into the leading group, but I crashed, forcing myself. In the second race after two crashes this weekend I was not confident and I couldn’t do more. I hope we get back to where we deserve to be in Navarra.»

Ondrej Vostatek«We didn’t have much luck this weekend. From the first free practice we had some problems with the bike and it was difficult to solve them. Even so, in the first race we had a good start, I overtook nine riders and when I went to take the inside another rider crashed into me and that was the end of our race. In the second race I had a good start, again another rider hit me, but this time I was lucky not to crash. From then on I tried to regain confidence with the bike, although the track was a bit dirty. I was fighting with other riders, and I think we will be able to fix the problems, when we have more time to focus on the development of the bike I’m sure the races will go better.»

Davide Fabri«On the one hand the weekend has been positive because of all the work we have done with the team. Whenever I went out on track the team set the bike up really well. I felt good, but it was a pity I crashed on Friday. I hurt myself and I wasn’t able to be at one hundred percent the following days. I want to thank the team for helping me all the time.»

Juan Rodríguez«It’s my debut with the 600 and I expected to do worse, to be honest. The whole weekend went very well. We have to improve the starts and of course I have to keep learning and trying different things to have a better performance. It was a pity about the crash, but we are happy with our pace all weekend.»

Simon Jespersen«I felt very good in the second race. I had a good start, got into the lead and had a good pace with times in 1.45. With eight laps to go David Sanchis overtook me for the lead, I tried to attack him again and took the lead again. A little later, in turn five, I went through a wet part of the track and crashed. We had some bad luck in this race, but overall we had a good performance this weekend. We have worked very hard and we can be proud of ourselves. We have to keep our minds positive and think about the next race.»

Manuel Hernandez (Team Manager)«The weekend was a bit of a mixed bag, but we were competitive throughout the weekend. It was a pity about Jespersen’s crash, going first he stepped on a dirty part of the track and crashed, it was bad luck. We are happy with Juan, he is adapting to the category. He struggles a bit in the first laps, but again today he was coming back and he crashed. Even so, it’s his first crash and he has a lot of desire, we have to give him time. Joan has had a difficult weekend with a crash, Vostatek too… but they finished the race together with Davide who is injured. They are adding kilometres and gaining experience to be able to make a small jump in the next races.»

The next ESBK race will be held in Navarra on the weekend of May 15th and 16th.